With over 25 years of industry knowledge, Premier Logistics is a leading provider of customized supply chain solutions. Premier Logistics offers comprehensive transportation, distribution and value added services to companies from start-up ventures to large corporations. We pride ourselves in being a logistics company that creates customized solutions for our customers and invests in long term partnerships. We provide third party logistics solutions tailored to fit your needs. Our dedication to excellence enables our customers to achieve a competitive advantage in every part of their supply chain. Premier Logistics utilizes our industry knowledge to deliver superior warehousing & distribution services and supply chain management programs.

Our Core Values

At Premier Logistics, we believe that the standards of behavior that have helped our company achieve success over the years are represented in the fabric and makeup of our organization. As we continue to grow, it is critical that we recognize and strive to follow our values, not just in business but in our lives outside of the business environment as well.

“The Best Never Rest”

INNOVATION: The introduction of new collaborative ideas and solutions.

“Strive For Excellence”

EXCELLENCE: The passion to deliver exceptional service in all aspects of our activities.

“Respect Is What We Expect”

RESPECT: High regard for the time, knowledge and concerns of others while always demonstrating integrity and trust.

“Zero Harm”

SAFETY: A goal of no injury or adverse customer, environmental or community impact while doing our work.

“All for One and One for All”

TEAMWORK: Collaboration with individual and group accountability toward a common objective.